What is a prank call?

By now, you’ve probably heard about the prank call website scam, a site where you can send money to someone and get a voicemail saying you have a $50 bill.

This website can be a pretty effective scam site, and we’ve all heard of the famous “Dont trust this guy.”

Well, there’s a better scam site for you to send money.

This website is called Get Rich Quick.

It allows you to set up a call with someone, get a $500 credit card and send the money to a specific person’s bank account, which you’ll then receive from the person’s credit card company, according to the Get Rich Now website.

You don’t need to actually send the payment to your bank account or to a real person.

Just write the person a note saying “Hi, I’m calling from my bank account,” and then they’ll get the call.

The person will then send you a prepaid credit card, and the money will go straight to their bank account.

This is called a bank transfer, and it’s great for those who are on the verge of bankruptcy, or if you just want to send a note that the person will pick up the check, but won’t be able to pay.

You can send as much as $500 to the person you want to meet, and you’ll receive $100 back in cash.

You can also send the entire amount to someone else’s bank.

You just need to tell the person who you’re sending money to.

It’s a simple and fun scam site to make money off of, and if you’re a savvy prank caller, you should definitely check it out.

Just be aware of the $500 penalty if you send too much money, and also be aware that if you don’t follow the instructions carefully, you can get into legal trouble.

There are plenty of other scams to check out.

You could also check out a bunch of scams that you haven’t heard about yet, and check out more about the various scams on the GetRichNow website.

Get Rich Now has a whole host of other scam sites that let you send money, so if you have any more tips for others on how to spot a scam, feel free to leave them in the comments.

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