The site has a problem

A company that specializes in helping users find illegal websites has been taken offline by the FBI. is the online marketplace for selling sex and other services.

The website is used by criminals to make money.

According to the FBI, Backpage is “a leading provider of child pornography, violent crimes, drugs, and weapons.”

It has been blocked from accessing the United States Internet.

Backpage says it was taken offline because of its role in facilitating the illegal distribution of child exploitation material, and because the FBI is using the site to try to shut down free speech.

The FBI is now claiming that Backpage’s actions violate the First Amendment, which protects freedom of speech.

Backup, which describes itself as “a provider of legal content to the internet community,” also announced its closure, saying that its site had been shut down because of federal copyright infringement charges.

Back in February, the Department of Justice filed an indictment against Backpage with the Department, alleging that the website and its staff engaged in the unlawful sale of child porn and other illegal products.

The indictment alleges that BackPage staff were using Backpage ads to sell illegal content and facilitate the distribution of such material.

According to a criminal complaint filed on January 31, 2016, in federal court in Los Angeles, the indictment alleges:The FBI also says that Backup and its owners “were involved in facilitating criminal conduct by running a website for selling child pornography and other child exploitation products.”

In February, Backup said in a blog post that it would be shutting down, and that its operations would not be affected by the shutdown.

The blog post said that its legal team would continue to work with law enforcement authorities to defend its rights.

The Justice Department is asking a judge to shut Backpage down.

A spokesperson for the US attorney’s office in Los Angles told Newsweek that the investigation into Backpage was ongoing.

In a blog posting earlier this year, the FBI said that Backpages online presence “was not only illegal but also detrimental to law enforcement efforts to protect children from abuse and exploitation.”

Backpage says that it has taken down its illegal ads.

The company says that the FBI’s actions are “outrageous.”

“The government’s prosecution of this site for facilitating the sale of criminal products is completely unacceptable,” Backpage CEO and cofounder Erik Prince said in the blog post.

“Our company’s ads do not sell sex, they provide legal content.

The government is using this to try and shut down speech and speech-provoking speech.”

The government says that in April of last year, Backdoor received notice from the FBI that the site was a “poster child for criminal activity.”

According to the complaint, Backstreet’s staff “had used Backpage as a front for criminal enterprise and a recruiting tool for child pornography.”

The indictment said that back in February and March of last, Backhouse employees “attempted to recruit, entice, and exploit” people who were underage and vulnerable to exploitation, including children, through Backdoor.

Backstreet is based in California.


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