Takasugi is a great place to work as a journalist

Takasuga, Japan – I’m the editor of the Japanese magazine “J-News” (known as “Kissanime”) and I work in a small, quiet studio here in this town of 8,000 people in central Takasugawa prefecture.

There are no other reporters here besides me and a few interns, but the newsroom is a place to be relaxed and free-spirited.

The job doesn’t require me to be a professional reporter.

In fact, it’s something I enjoy doing.

When I am not writing, I’m usually busy with my hobbies, which include gardening and hiking.

I’m always thinking about the next story I should write, and I’m grateful for the opportunity to do so.

I was born in Japan and spent most of my childhood there, but I moved to the United States when I was 16.

For me, Japan is an incredible country to work in.

In my experience, the Japanese are not only open to ideas, but they’re also a really friendly people, friendly to their neighbours and people from other countries, especially the U.S. and Australia.

And that’s why the way I write about Japan is so important.

It’s an idea that, at least in my own experience, seems like a great way to help people to live a more peaceful life in a world where so many people have been affected by war and disaster.

In Japan, people do everything for their families.

It was an incredible experience to be able to live with the family in the middle of war, and it was the best way to give back to the family.

I can’t think of any other way to do it.

At least in the past, people were forced to go back to work, which meant that you could not do anything in the household.

So, for me, working in the news room is the best possible way to get out of the house.

The office is located in a very quiet part of the building.

I’ve been here for four years now, and for that time I have been able to relax a lot, because I’m free to enjoy myself and work in my free time.

I feel very fortunate.

I have to admit that I don’t think I’d be as successful writing about Japan if I worked from home.

When you’re away from home, the stress can be overwhelming, and even if you’re able to go to a friend’s house and eat dinner, there is still the stress of the situation.

And when you’re in the office, you are working alone, so it can be a bit of a lonely place.

But I think that’s a part of living in Japan that makes a big difference.

I think Japan is the perfect place to get your news and opinions in.

For example, the number of journalists in Japan is rising, and there are people who can write about everything from politics to sports.

This is great news for the world and for me personally.

I am a professional journalist.

I work with some of the best journalists in the world, and my job is to get my stories out to the public.

This also means that I must also be careful not to offend any Japanese people.

But, for example, when I started writing about the politics in Japan, I was a bit shocked by the reaction of the media.

I wasn’t sure if I could do it because the Japanese press is not very good at being open to information, and because of the way Japanese people behave, it was difficult to write about things that people have a negative opinion about.

In some cases, they even tried to censor me.

It would have been easier for me to write something negative about the Japanese government, or about the local council, or the local people, or even about the government itself.

But that was not the case.

I didn’t even think about what I wrote.

I just thought it would be funny, and people would laugh at me.

This was a shock to me.

And the more I read the comments on my articles, the more they got upset with me.

They thought that my writing was rude, that it was disrespectful to Japan.

And they even asked me to resign from the magazine because I wrote a lot of negative things about the country.

When they saw my comments, they said that they were afraid of my life, and that I was making trouble for them.

So it was a real problem for me.

I couldn’t stop myself from being offended, and so I kept thinking, “How can I write the articles that they’re going to be so upset about?”

I’ve worked in Japan for four and a half years now and I am still learning how to write in Japanese.

So I can tell you, I am learning a lot.

In the beginning, when the news about the newsrooms in the United Kingdom was coming out, I thought that I would be working in one of the UK’s newsrooms. But


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