Google CEO, Amazon CEO meet in Chicago

Google’s executive chairman and chief executive officer Eric Schmidt is on his way to Chicago for a two-day summit with Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, the company said in a statement Monday.

The meeting is being held at the Sheraton Chicago Hotel & Suites.

The two men will discuss the state of digital commerce, according to a press release.

The announcement came just hours after Bezos announced his intent to buy the tech giant for $19 billion, or $22.20 per share.

Schmidt, who was named to the Google board in July, will also be attending the event.

“We are pleased to have Jeff Bezos as a keynote speaker at this important gathering of our industry leaders,” Schmidt said in the statement.

“Together, we are building the future of commerce, and I look forward to a productive and productive relationship.”

Schmidt is also the founder and chairman of Alphabet, the Google parent company.

He served as the chairman of Amazon’s board for six years.

Schmidt is the latest tech executive to take part in the Google-Amazon summit, which has become a hallmark of Silicon Valley’s “summit effect.”

The two have often met at conferences and held informal meetings at each other’s homes.

Bezos has been working to develop a new cloud service, called Amazon Web Services, that will offer faster and more reliable cloud services for businesses.

Google has been a leading force in the push to provide cloud services, and Schmidt is expected to provide some guidance to the company about how to do that, according the release.

Bezos is also set to speak at the event, and the two have been working together on the company’s new cloud initiative, according a release.

Schmidt has been in Silicon Valley for several years and is a longtime entrepreneur.

He was a major player in the Internet pioneer’s “Googles” early years, when he was also an investor in companies like Yahoo and AOL.

He is also a cofounder of Snapchat, the social network with nearly 1 billion monthly active users.

The company has been hit by the “Amazon effect” since its IPO in 2014, when Bezos bought the company for $3.2 billion.


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