The #GrowTogether team, who will be leading a nationwide tour to help you grow your own weed, says #PrayForIt

A new group of #GrownTogether users has launched a petition calling on President Donald Trump to declare #PRAYFORIT and support the legalization of marijuana for recreational use in the United States.

The petition, which has garnered more than 6,000 signatures, was launched on Sunday by The Weed Show, a social media platform that allows users to upload videos to share their thoughts on topics ranging from politics to health to family.

The Weed Show has partnered with the #PraiseAmerica, an online movement that aims to combat racism and white supremacy in America.

The petition argues that the legalization and regulation of cannabis would help alleviate some of the problems plaguing people of color.

The campaign, which aims to raise $50,000 for #PraisedAmerica, was started by users of the popular #GrowsWithUs social media site who wanted to share a message of support and encouragement to #ProudAmerica, the group behind the #GrewTogether movement.

The group’s co-founder, John C. Wright, said he hoped that by making #PleasedAmerica a platform for social justice activism, the Weed Show would create a “positive platform” for #Greed.

“We want to encourage all Americans to be the first to see #PPReadForIt,” Wright wrote on the Weed Report blog.

“We also want to be sure we’re not just taking a position against #Petitioners who are just looking for a cheap, easy and easy-to-use way to get their point across.”

The Weed Report, a website that offers video, podcasts and social media content, was founded in 2012 by the founders of The Weed Report podcast, which was acquired by Pandora.

The website also features an online forum, Weed Report Live, where users can voice their concerns, discuss policy issues and vote on content.

“Our #PRAedForIt petition is just one small example of how #PassionateAmerica is changing the world for the better,” Wright said.

“It’s also an opportunity to support #PprayForIt in its mission to bring the best and brightest to the forefront of politics.”

The petition has garnered over 6,500 signatures, Wright said, noting that the total is up to 6,200.

The #GrowthTogether movement has not yet decided whether it will launch a campaign to raise funds to cover its costs and to help people prepare for the legalization, regulation and distribution of cannabis, Wright added.


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