Google’s Sugar Baby site is going viral with over 100,000 hits, new report says

NEW YORK (AP) Google is facing a new challenge: growing its user base.

In the weeks since a new website popped up online with a simple goal of giving users a taste of a sugar baby, the search giant is getting hit with new complaints from people who feel their experience has been ruined by the new website.

The site,, was founded on February 14 and is being billed as a way for users to have a taste for sugar, which is a widely used sweetener.

It’s a niche market, which means Google has to work harder to make sure it stays competitive, and Google has taken a number of measures to make it more popular, such as tweaking its search results and making it easier to search for and install apps that use the artificial sweetener in products.

But some people who have been complaining have also been hit by other Google search-related problems.

Many of the new complaints come from people with diabetes or those with other health conditions that require sugar to be sweetened.

Many people with these conditions don’t have the resources to buy sugar-sweetened products and so are left with the choice of buying sugar or buying other forms of artificial sweeteners, such like sucralose or aspartame.

The new website, which doesn’t use the same Google-owned technology that was used to build Google Glass, is also being marketed as a “Google Sugar,” meaning Google is selling the idea that it is Google.

In addition, the site offers a free app, which allows users to search “Google sugar” and then buy a sugar-based product.

A number of Google employees, including some who are not in the business of providing services to Google, have been contacted by people with questions about the new site, said a person who has been working on it for Google.

Google declined to comment.

While Google has not released a public statement about the complaints, the company has offered a statement saying it has “made changes to make the product more appealing to users” and that it’s working with health care professionals to help people who are looking for sugar to make a healthier choice.

“Google is constantly working to improve our products, from our search algorithms to the design of our apps,” the company said.

Google said it has created a new team dedicated to the development of Google Sugar, and it has implemented a number “tweaks” to help users find more information.

It is unclear how many people have signed up to the site, or how many are willing to pay for the service.

The new site is available only in the U.S. and has been available only since last week.

Google has been criticized in the past for selling products that are designed to promote a specific product.

In 2007, Google paid $1.9 million to settle allegations that it had improperly promoted a weight loss supplement in a New York City store.

The case resulted in a $5.9 billion settlement.

The Google-backed Sugar Baby app is the latest in a series of efforts by the search company to expand its reach into the artificial-sweetener industry.

Google also recently launched a $20 million initiative to help companies sell sugar-free products, including those made with sugar and artificial flavors.


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