‘Cheap Shoes’ for the White House website

Cheap shoes for the US White House are available for free online, the White Houses own website said on Friday, after being inundated with hundreds of thousands of emails and comments over the past few weeks.

The White House’s website has been inundated by hundreds of messages, including from the US president, and thousands of people are now signing up to get the “Cheap shoes for President” offer, which is expected to hit the site at 11am Eastern time on Thursday.

“We have received thousands of orders, and have started receiving more and more customers as well,” White House spokeswoman Jen Psaki said in a statement.

She said the offer will be available from 11am ET (20am UK time) on Thursday, and will be offered at the following prices: US$40, US$65, US$.80, US£50, US€50.60, USUS$80, and US$100.

The offer is similar to the “cheap clothes” offer from the WhiteHouse.gov website, which was launched earlier this month to encourage Americans to buy more clothes, shoes and furniture.

The White Houses website said customers can sign up to receive freebies by calling 1-800-TURN-OFF-TICKETS or visiting the WhiteHouses.gov site.

It is also offering the offer to US$25 US dollars.

Psaki said the “toll free” number for US$20 would be open until Friday.

The “Cheaper Shoes for President offer” has been in effect since April, and can be viewed here.

In recent days, the Obama White House has been overwhelmed with calls from customers and residents who want the offer.

Hundreds of emails have been sent to the president, many of them from around the world, calling for him to take the offer, according to the White house.gov page.


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