Why the GOP is doing the wrong thing for its voters

The Republican Party is a party of big donors and the Koch brothers.

The party of Donald Trump.

The Republican party is not for the poor, or minorities, or the elderly, or anyone who doesn’t fit into the conservative narrative.

It is for the wealthy, and its leaders are deeply concerned about the future of the American economy and the future for the country.

The GOP is the party of the billionaire class, the Kochs, the elite donors, the corporate America.

And it is a political party that has done nothing to improve the lives of the working class in the past twenty years.

So when the Koch Brothers gave $889 million to the Republican Party, it was a very big deal.

And they were willing to pay more than $100 million to buy influence.

The Kochs and their allies bought the nomination of a man whose only political achievement in his lifetime was being unable to get a tax cut.

But they also bought the platform of a candidate who had made it his life’s work to make it harder for people to have health insurance.

Trump is the Republican party.

The people who bought the Republican ticket were the Koch’s billionaires.

And the Republican establishment knows it.

The Republicans are a party that is beholden to the interests of the billionaires.

It’s not just that the Koch Industries and the Republican billionaires have an interest in Trump.

They are the ones who run the Republican parties.

The most influential Republican elected officials are billionaires.

Republicans in Congress, like the Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell, are billionaires themselves.

They also represent the interests that the billionaires and the millionaires and billionaires want.

The billionaire class wants Trump to be the next president.

They want him to become a billionaire.

So they are willing to make their money out of him.

They understand that Trump will be a terrible president.

And that is why they are trying to sell him.

And Trump is selling them short.

Trump’s presidency is an utter disaster.

The president’s approval rating is now underwater.

It has fallen by double digits in the last three months, to 28% disapproval.

In some polls, it is lower still.

He is in a hole.

The economy is in free fall.

The national debt is nearing $20 trillion.

The American people are increasingly angry and fearful.

And so they are turning to the billionaire elite for their help.

They’re looking to Trump to save the country from a massive economic disaster.

It would be a great time for Donald Trump to run for president.

But that would be like going to a funeral, and the funeral will be for a dead person.

I’m afraid Trump will not be around to be remembered in the funeral.

But the Republican elite knows it, and they know that they can buy him and sell him for a fortune.

The billionaires are making a killing off Trump, but they are also selling him short.

But Trump has a chance to save America from this disaster.

Trump can’t do anything he doesn’t have the power to do.

He can’t fix the economy.

He won’t change the way Washington works.

But he can help us get out of this mess.

That is why he has made it a priority to run.

He will do the right thing for his country and his family, and he will do it without fear.

The wealthy are not going to support Trump.

But there are some who are going to, and that is because they are angry.

The rich are angry about Trump.

Their anger is real.

They have had enough of the political elite.

They feel that their money has been stolen, that they’ve been cheated, and now they want to take back the power from Washington.

So Trump has to find a way to win the support of the wealthy.

That means finding a way for them to help him in his struggle to save his country from the economic disaster that the billionaire elites have created.

He has to work hard to get the support that the wealthy are willing and able to give him.

He must find a middle ground between the billionaire classes and the middle class.

The middle class has lost everything.

They lost their jobs.

They’ve lost their homes.

They can’t get ahead in life.

They no longer have health care.

They cannot save for retirement.

They don’t have enough money to get by.

They need help.

And now, with the billionaire political class in control of Congress, Trump can help them do what the billionaire oligarchs have always wanted: they can steal the wealth of millions of people.

And once he gets it, the billionaire rulers will be able to take it back.

That will give them the power they want, and Trump will have the help he needs to save our country from its worst economic disaster in decades.

The only way Trump can stop the billionaire tyrants is to be a leader who fights for the working and middle class and the people who really need help, not just the rich.

Trump has promised to be that leader.

The problem for Trump is that the rich want him out of office. Trump does


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