Why does Joe Biden need a dog? A new poll reveals that many Americans aren’t ready to have a dog

Joe Biden’s popularity has plummeted to a new low in a new poll, and the vice president is reportedly considering having a dog as his family moves into a new home.

A new survey from the Pew Research Center released Monday found that 37 percent of Americans said they’d be willing to pay for Biden to have an animal, compared to 44 percent in 2016.

Only 15 percent said they would not.

Biden, who has struggled with anxiety in recent months, has been in a state of crisis after announcing in October that he was having an operation for a blood clot in his brain.

His decision to have the procedure has caused outrage in some quarters, with some claiming that he should have waited until he had surgery to get it done.

However, many Americans still believe that Biden would be a better president than Trump, according to the survey.

Fifty-one percent of those surveyed said Biden would better handle the crisis, while only 35 percent said Trump would be better.

The survey also found that only 39 percent of the public thinks Trump would do better than Biden, while 59 percent said he would be worse.

Buckets, however, did not fare well with voters who believe Trump would make the country better, according the survey, which found that just 17 percent of respondents said they thought Trump would, while 72 percent said Biden.

The poll also found Trump had the support of 55 percent of voters, while Biden had a support of 41 percent.

Bidens popularity has plunged since his announcement of the operation, with voters expressing anger that he didn’t seek treatment sooner.

Forty-five percent of Democrats, according a recent ABC News/Washington Post poll, believe he should not have gone to the emergency room.

That’s down from 51 percent last year.

The same poll found 52 percent of Republicans believe Biden should have gone, while the same poll showed that only 25 percent of independents said he should.

Biddens popularity was also affected by the death of his wife, Jill Biden, who died of brain cancer at age 74 in November.

He was diagnosed with the disease at age 41 in 2018, after he suffered a stroke.

Biden was the oldest vice president to be diagnosed with brain cancer, and was the first vice president in nearly 40 years to suffer the disease.BIDEN’S DREAM IS COMING DOWNOBAMA HAS BEGUN TO HOST MORE THAN 20 THINGS AT HIS HOUSE IN D.C. HE’S PUTTING OUT NEW BOOKS, BUT HIS OWN DREAMS CANN’T GO ONFOR A FEW MORE YEARSBIDENS HOUSE HAS A CERTAIN SENSE OF DISHONOROBAMA IS GETTING BETTER WITH THE DAYBY JONATHAN JOHNSON, AN OLDER MAN BY 15 YEARS, SAYS HE’M NOT THE ONE WITH THE POWER TO FIX OBAMA’S PROBLEMSOBAMA’s problems aren’t fixed, and it’s likely that Biden’s presidency will continue to be marked by problems, Jon Huntsman, a former U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, told The Daily Beast.

Huntsman is one of the most influential figures in the Republican Party, having served as the party’s 2016 presidential nominee.

The former ambassador has long been a vocal critic of the president, with Huntsman describing the president as a “bad influence” and a “totally incompetent.”

Huntsman said he’s not worried about Biden becoming president in the long run, but said the country should not allow him to become president if he can’t overcome his own problems.

“It’s a question of whether he’s going to have to deal with the kind of problems that he did as a senator, or whether he’ll be a lame duck,” Huntsman said.

“I’m not going to judge him, but I’ll judge him based on the kinds of things that he’s got to deal to deal, and then I’ll make a decision about whether he should be the president.”

In the meantime, the president continues to have trouble finding his footing in Washington.

After a tough month in office, he continues to struggle to get his legislative agenda through the Senate, and he has struggled to find a way to make deals with Democrats, who have repeatedly refused to sign onto a bill that includes tax cuts and a massive infrastructure plan that the president had campaigned on.

A majority of Americans still say they do not think Trump will make the U.N. more effective, but they do see him as a better commander-in-chief, according of the survey conducted by Rasmussen Reports.

That said, Trump’s approval rating has dropped to a record low, with only 28 percent of people approving of his job performance in a March poll from the same polling firm.


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