What is a job website?

The term job website has long been used to describe a website that can be used to recruit and retain workers.

But the term has also been used in the context of social media websites, where it’s used to refer to the type of websites that connect users with jobs.

So what is a “job website”?

Job websites are typically used to connect workers with jobs and companies, such as Google, Yahoo, Twitter and Facebook.

The term is sometimes used interchangeably with “job board,” a type of website that connects job seekers with job opportunities.

Here’s a list of jobs on the job boards: The U.S. Labor Department defines job boards as websites that include job postings, job descriptions and job-related questions and answers.

However, they can also include links to jobs that are available for “non-job related” work.

In the U.K., job boards can be classified as: an online bulletin board or bulletin board system (bbs) in which people can post their own jobs, job related information, and links to job boards that offer specific jobs; or an information and referral site (IRS) that offers jobs and other resources to people seeking work.

For more, see What is an IRS and how to get a job on it.

There are also job board applications that are designed to connect job seekers to employers.

A website that lists a company that is interested in hiring someone can be a job board application.

A job board may also be used for job postings.

A “job posting” on the site will have a job description that lists the applicant’s name, phone number and email address, along with the job’s pay and expected duration.

Job boards are also often used to advertise specific types of jobs, such a sales job, customer service job or administrative position.

A search for jobs can be done on a job posting site using keywords such as “business,software,” “job,” “company,” “applicant,” or “sales job.”

For more information, see Job boards and how search engines work.


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