The best free websites to use this year

How much will you save this year?

A new survey from the Financial Times has revealed that free online shopping accounts for the vast majority of internet users in the US.

The report, which looked at the online shopping habits of around 4.3 million US consumers, found that the average spend per user is $0.16 per day, or $0,200 a year. 

The study found that people who use the site Paypal spend $0 in total each month, with the average paying $5.00 a month on the site.

Paypal has also become a popular payment option for users looking to save on the cost of living.

“The biggest savings are found when people are using a combination of the following payment methods,” the report says.

“PayPal: $1.50 per transaction, or a minimum of $2 per transaction for online shopping, plus an additional $0 for each additional transaction that is charged on the account.

Stripe: $0 per transaction plus $0 if the purchase is eligible for free shipping.”

There are other payment methods available, including credit cards, PayPal, Apple Pay, and Google Wallet. 

There’s also the option to pay with bitcoin.

“While Bitcoin is a relatively new payment method, it is also used for a significant portion of online transactions,” the Financial Post said.

“According to CoinDesk, over 80% of all transactions are now done with bitcoin, which means a large portion of users are using bitcoin to buy items.”

The survey found that around 70% of respondents have used a credit card for at least one transaction, with more than a quarter of respondents saying they’ve used more than one credit card. 

Another study, from the Pew Research Center, found in February that only 29% of Americans own a credit or debit card, and the vast bulk of people spend most of their money online. 

In a recent interview with Bloomberg, Pew Research said that in a typical month, people spend $5,000 on online purchases.


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