IBM: Its ‘Go to Work’ platform will be an ‘all-in’ solution for enterprise customers

IBM is building its new enterprise-focused cloud platform, called IBM Cloud, with a focus on enterprise-level computing, the company announced Wednesday.

The platform is the latest in a string of moves by IBM to transform its business from a business-focused technology to a more cloud-focused one.

The company also is launching a new cloud platform called Watson, a hybrid cloud platform that can help customers build new applications and processes.

IBM’s Watson cloud platform is expected to debut later this year.

In an interview with Axios, IBM CEO Ginni Rometty said the company is making cloud computing a cornerstone of its business strategy and will make it a “top-tier” technology for enterprise.

“It’s an all-in approach,” Romettiesaid.

“This is going to be a top-tier technology for many businesses.”

Rometty told Axios the platform is a “compelling” choice for companies that want to be “a leader in cloud computing.”

“The platform will have capabilities and capabilities, both for enterprise and cloud, that we think are significant in the cloud space,” she said.

The platform, IBM Cloud and Watson will use the same software stack, and it will be open source, IBM said.

IBM said it will launch Watson in the second half of 2018.

The cloud platform will run on the IBM POWER server platform.

IBM Cloud will work with the cloud-computing and data center services for which the company offers cloud computing services.

The Watson platform will also be built using existing IBM hardware and software and will be a cloud service that will be powered by IBM cloud infrastructure, Romettsaid.

IBM Watson is a hybrid software platform that uses the cloud platform to run on an existing IBM server.

“Our goal is to bring the cloud to every enterprise,” Romes said.IBM has built its cloud platform around three key business features: cloud-based software-defined networking (SDN), which enables applications and services to be accessed from anywhere on the cloud; a cloud platform platform for virtual machines; and a platform for data analytics and cloud-scale analytics.

The IBM Cloud platform will use IBM’s POWER servers and the IBM Cloud Platform, which runs on the POWER servers, will run under the cloud infrastructure.

The IBM Cloud Cloud platform and Watson are both powered by cloud infrastructure that is powered by the POWER server, which IBM says is the industry’s fastest and most scalable cloud platform.

The POWER platform is designed for small and medium enterprises that need a high-speed, secure and reliable platform for cloud computing.

IBM has built the POWER platform as a low-cost, low-overhead platform for enterprises that want a highly scalable cloud-services platform that is open source and accessible to customers.

The cloud platform also uses IBM’s IBM Power cloud platform with a dedicated cloud platform for the cloud.

IBM announced earlier this month that it is making its POWER platform open source.

The POWER platform runs on an IBM server that is capable of running on open source software.

The open source code is available for anyone to use, and IBM said this means it will not be restricted by a license agreement.

IBM is working with open source developers to make the POWER open source as a “premium” service, Romes added.


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