How to report a scam website on Car,Scam and Other Online Services

Scams are becoming more sophisticated.

How can you protect yourself from the likes of this?

article Car websites, scammers are now increasingly using the same tactics to entice victims to take part in scams.

This means they use the same deceptive tactics.

In order to identify a scam site, users need to make an appointment with the company, which will typically be made through an online form.

These appointments are not always easy, as the company is unable to provide information to confirm whether they have the right information.

If you make an inquiry through their website, they will usually tell you they have no record of your appointment.

The most common tactic used by scammers is to make you sign a statement of claim (the form used to collect money for the service).

The claim will ask you to provide personal details about yourself and give details of what the company claims to be your car.

You will also be asked to provide your bank details and contact details, but the scam site will not provide any information on how much money you owe.

A scam site may also ask you if you have any credit or debit cards, or if you are willing to pay a fee.

These fees are often very low, and the site will then ask you for details of how much you owe for the car.

If the scam is successful, the company will take your money.

Once you have paid, the car will then be towed away from you.

If you have not already been contacted by the company regarding the incident, you will be told that your account has been cancelled.

It is usually the case that you will have to pay for your car, and that will likely be within a few days of the incident.

If a scamster contacts you via phone or e-mail and offers to pay you, you may be tempted to agree.

However, a scam may be more difficult to trace and can often take longer than expected.

If your car has been towed away, you should contact the police to report the scam.

You may then be contacted by an officer from the Fraud Investigation Unit (FIU) to investigate.

If the scammer does not contact you, it is advisable to report it to your local council or police.

If your car is still in the same location, the scam may continue.


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