How Nintendo is reinventing itself to beat Sony’s next-gen consoles

The company’s Wii U and 3DS systems were already the world’s most popular gaming consoles, but now Nintendo has turned those consoles into a new kind of console, with the Nintendo Switch. 

The Switch is not the first portable gaming system to make the leap from PC to mobile, but it is the first to do so by taking the concept of a portable gaming machine to a mobile device. 

Nintendo’s Switch is a portable console, so it’s going to have a touchscreen. 

You can play games on it, you can browse the web, you get your emails and social networks, you have all the usual features. 

But this is the most important thing about the Switch, because the Switch will also be able to connect to a TV, and it will be able connect to an HDTV. 

That’s the whole point of the Switch.

So it’s portable and it’s mobile and it has a touchscreen, so you can actually play games from anywhere. 

I’m not saying it’s the best gaming device you could ever want, but for people who love the Nintendo 3DS, it’s definitely going to be a great way to take gaming from the PC and the console and into the mobile space. 

It will be an easy way to get some games and some games, and a great option for people looking to get the console on their mobile device as well.

So Nintendo has taken this idea of portable gaming into the home, but they’ve also taken this concept of mobile gaming into a different kind of home environment, and that’s why it’s called the Switch: it’s not just about gaming, it is a mobile gaming device.

You don’t have to have an entire home. 

There’s no TV in the room, so the Switch has to be connected to the TV, it has to have Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, and there’s a wireless charger. 

So you can have the TV on your computer, you’re in a room where it can play all of your games, you don’t need to bring a laptop and a TV together. 

This is a lot more accessible than the PS4. 

And that is going to make it even easier to go to a friend’s house and play a game. 

Because if you’re not at your house when you get to your friend’s home, you might as well not be playing a game because you won’t have any other people around to play with, so they’ll just be like, “I don’t want to play this game with you, I want to go outside and have a cup of coffee”.

So you can go out and have some coffee with a friend, and the TV will go into standby mode, which means you won�t be able do any of the usual things that are going to take up your time when you’re playing a gaming experience. 

What does that mean for the Switch?

I can’t wait to see what people think of the first Switch.

It will be out this month, and we are looking forward to hearing what they think about it. 

Source: Nintendo


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