A new iPhone and iPad app to help you get your life back on track

The iPhone and Apple TV apps will be free to download and use for the first time in Australia starting today, according to the website for the Queensland-based consumer electronics retailer.

The apps will make their Australian debut at the Macau Apple Store on March 11, with Macau resident Michael “Tyson” Krasner confirming to the site that Macau’s first iPhone app is available for download.

Krasner, a Macau-based IT manager, said the iPhone app will allow customers to check their current iPhone status, as well as see their iPhone’s AppleCare warranty and the ability to buy new devices, in addition to other Apple services such as email, messaging, and iCloud.

“We’re really excited about the new iPhone app, as we’re in the market for a new iPhone, and I think it will be a great tool for people,” he said.

A new iPhone is a “huge plus” for Apple, but “a great thing for the user to check the status of their iPhone before they get on it.”

Kras, who is also the vice president of operations for Apple Stores Australia, said he wanted to make sure the app “looks good on the iPhone and that it’s easy to use.”

He also pointed out that Macao has the largest population of people in the world.

In an email to Ars, Macau Police Chief Steve Teng told us that “there are many people who work in this sector and have an iPhone, so they are a great asset to the police.”

“There is no way the police will ever have enough iPhones to handle the demands of these situations,” he wrote.

“It is therefore necessary for us to keep up with demand and increase the supply of our iPhones to meet the demand.”

Kris Krasners new iPhone App is available to download on Apple’s website.

Apple’s new iPhone apps for Macau and Hong Kong, which are available as free downloads, will allow iPhone owners to check whether they are in good enough health to travel and purchase items, as the company’s iPhone app currently does not include that functionality.

Users in Hong Kong can also use the app to view their iPhone status at the time of purchase, which will show whether the device is in good repair.

Apple has previously announced that it would expand its iPhone app to Macau in the first quarter of 2018.


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