Why You Shouldn’t Rent a House on a Wedding Website

A house rental website has recently taken out a $2.9 million advertising campaign to help people rent their own house.

The ad campaign, titled “Wedding: Get Your Own Place,” was first reported by the Wall Street Journal and features a couple renting a home for their wedding.

The ads, which ran in multiple cities, target those with little-to-no experience with renting a place, such as those with children and seniors.

The site is called HouseRent.com and claims to have “the largest, most affordable and most trusted online rental home buying and selling site.”

It says it has a “no credit checks, no hidden fees and no hidden hidden fees for you to make a decision” about the rental.

In a press release, HouseReternow says its platform has been “designed to make renting your own home easy and affordable.”

The site also says that the platform’s “priceless credit history will make you an easy target for potential suitors” who may not be familiar with the terms of a rental agreement.

In its press release the company said that its platform offers the following services: 1.



Property search.


Home rental comparison.


Realty search.


Reasonable rates.


Contact information for a local real estate agent.


Relevancy of homes.


Resale of homes for a low fee.


Reimbursement for costs associated with your purchase.10.

Privacy, security and safety of your information.

HouseRetertwn, a member of the REALTORRY Association of America, says that it is one of a few companies offering the services.

The company says that its users “can easily search for a house that meets their needs, and have the ability to compare prices to other houses available in their area.

With an average price of $350,000 and over 500 listings, you can find your ideal home with confidence.”


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