Trump’s latest tweet about Russia ‘disgusting’

President Donald Trump’s tweets about the 2016 election have been condemned by human rights campaigners as “disgusted”.

The President tweeted on Tuesday that he would “never forgive” Russia for interfering in the US election, which he accused Russia of doing in the interest of the president’s election victory.

He did not specify what he meant by “heavenly Father” but a number of Russian-linked organisations and individuals were named in his tweets.

Here are some of the most notable tweets: The White House said in a statement: President Trump has a right to expect that his political opponents will refrain from engaging in partisan attacks, regardless of the motivations of their critics.

The President has every right to criticise Russia and the Russian Government for its interference in the 2016 US Presidential election.

We are confident that he will not be swayed by the efforts of those who seek to smear him and sow division within the American people.

But we believe it is important to stress that there are other options that the President can choose to pursue to try and get to the bottom of this story.

The statement continued: There are also other options he can pursue that may bring more bipartisan support, such as offering to meet with the families of those killed in the Russian airstrike in the war-torn country of Syria.

Russia’s ambassador to the US, Sergey Kislyak, has denied any meddling in the election.

In a statement, the US Embassy in Moscow said: Russia’s Foreign Ministry has called for a “fresh and comprehensive investigation” into the incident and stressed that “Russia is not responsible for the outcome of this election”.

The US embassy in Brussels also said it was “deeply disappointed” by President Trump’s tweet, adding: The US and Russia have a long history of friendly relations and it is unacceptable that President Trump took the time to make such an outrageous and false allegation.

The embassy also added: The Embassy of Belgium will hold a press conference on Tuesday at 6:00pm ET (2:00am GMT) to discuss the current situation in the Baltic region.


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